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Opportunities for challenging hikes and pleasant strolls are scattered all over this planet; you just need to know where to find them. We do Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Patagonia, and the Inca Trail are out there, waiting for you to walk all over them. We’re proud of our record of successful ascents (over 92% of our travellers make it to the top of Kili, depending on the route).

Our CEOs and local guides that make the journey itself as memorable as the summit. And if you’re not into big climbs, don’t sweat it; we’ve got loads of lower-impact walks and iconic treks you’ll love, too. Check out these places today!

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Mountain Journey

A tour to the Inca Trail is a complete, once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, but the part you’re likely to cherish most is when you finally step through the Sun Gate and catch your first glimpse of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu.

Peaceful Meadows

There exists the Rolling Meadows Retreat that adds to that by offering an intimate space that hosts up to eleven people. This is an excellent choice for couples who want to get away and reset from their very busy lives.

Ocean Vistas

Cabins are available for rental, but camping is usually the preferred sleeping arrangements for the adventurous. The Olympic Coast is a perfect relaxation destination. The pitter-patter of rain on the roof is a soothing lullaby at night.

Glacier Views

This East Glacier, Montana lodge was constructed a century ago by the Great Northern Railway. It features an on-site bar and restaurant. 

Lakeside Wonders

As part of a six-hundred-acre retreat, the Shambhala Mountain Center is a great relaxation destination because it has a diverse set of environments to meditate in. 

Beachside Spa

Some call the tropical islands paradise, which isn’t too far from the truth for many people. Sprawling beaches of snow-white sand, gemstone-colored water.

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In 1907, history was made when Adventure Hotels, Victoria's grand dame, opened its doors. The iconic hotel soon became the city's venue of choice for glittering balls, presidential visits, and political gatherings, making the name Adventure's synonymous with "place of occasion".

With this beginning, the brand was born. The first six years after opening were particularly noteworthy, a steady stream, as many hundred to two hundred thousand guests each year in 1906. Read More about What You'll Experience at Your First Resort. In 1908, visitors also saw an influx into Manhattan, NY where hotels began popping up on all sides of the map like mushrooms growing across landfills.

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